Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aight so we good?

Alright, im tired. I'm off to sleep cause this guy actually has a job. Cool shit is cool. enjoy the mediafire uploads and go crazy. Look forward to more stuff.

And for fuck sake somebody stop deleting the touhou bands from the metal archives. Seriously there is a difference between a cover band and a re-arrange group. You wouldn't delete the a neo-classical metal band for re-arranging beethoven would you? You guys so cray-cray.


Thousand Leaves- Lunatic Dawn

Melodic Death Metal/ Thrashcore/ Touhou

1.Bloody New Moon
2.Lunatic Dawn
3.Dead Never Be Dead
4.Floating the Twilight
5.Cruel Insane

7.Isolated Surviver
8.Reve of Mirrors

Early years of sorrow is on another HD right now, I'll upload it soon though.

On the subject of this album though, While I fucking LOVE electric ey- Errr I mean Lunatic Dawn (seriously though that's a good song). My feelings still remain the same about the current thousand leave roster.

I dislike west village, bach's thrashy-esque riffing is bumming me out, and maybe at the end of the day I just really miss abecky especially now that Black Pearl's new vocalist is also changing the direction of the band.

Ah well, the guy can still solo like a crazed man and the new comp is actually quite good.

Thats just me however, I also understand that to each their own ya know?

This song still remains amazing imo though

Kissing The Mirror- Undermind

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore/Touhou

02Shanghai Eliminator
03Bury You Alive
04Wings of the Empty Mind
05To my anxiety
06Let's Drink Beer
07Final (S)Core
08Scarlet Swells
OH SWEET TOWARDS THE RISING IS PRETTY GOOD HU- Oh ahh wait. Nope. This is the other album that somehow I acquired AFTER Screaming Dead Heat. 

Yeah this album is alright. Its kinda up there with the "To live is to die" release in the sense that there are some good songs on here but a lot of this is nothing special.

And yeah... lots of re-re-arranged material from previous albums. 

I'm not gonna lie, the sooner I upload "Toward The Rising" the better (Or you could just acquire it on another blog). But for now, let this hold you over.

DopeRabbit- Colorful Light

Electronic Pop/ Vocaloid

01 スターライト (feat. 初音ミク)
02 グラヴィティー (feat. 初音ミク)
03 Breezin’ (feat. 初音ミク)
04 コズミックバード (feat. 初音ミク)
05 シーサイド (feat. 初音ミク)
06 Sweetheart (feat. 初音ミク)
07 eternal Yours (feat. 初音ミク)
08 恋シテル (feat. 初音ミク)
09 Colorful Light (feat. 初音ミク)

Time for dat daily vocaloid injection. Get your grubby hands on this neat little proggy jazzy pop album and let those rainbows leak out of your ears. As expected this album will put you in a bit of a sugar coma (not in a innocent key/mosiac wav way though. Kinda more subtle). Worth your time if you into this stuff and haven't become jaded off of vocaloid music you crazy dreamer you.

Fun stuff.

Cenotaph- The Gloomy Reflection Of Our Hidden Sorrow

Death Metal

1.Requiem for a Soul Request
2.Ashes in the Rain
3....A Red Sky
4.Evoked Doom
5.Tenebrous Apparitions
6.The Spiritless One

7.Infinite Meditation of an Uncertain Existence  
8.In the Cosmic Solitude
9.Repulsive Odor of Descomposition

Oh look. One of these. You know what i'm talking about. Its one of those "big deal" albums. Like its supposed to be like one of those albums that, like, uhh, matter. And all that jazz.

But despite the unbelievable expectations I had for this album, its actually pretty groovy. I mean, sure the production here is pretty horrid and murky but you'll get over it. This is one bitching death metal album that will turn your ears to dust and revert you brain to a primal state. Good cosmic stuff.  I  Don't listen to this very often but when I do, I dig.

Aliced Twilightz- Discover New World

Electronic Pop/House

Track list:
01 Fire back
02 eris
03 gelombang
04 Вишнёвый сад
05 Kroq
06 恋に落ちた
07 Discover new world
08 Star cab
09 sayonara

Man... blogger has horrid formatting issues doesn't it? Geezzz.... I have been gone for how long now? You think they would have fixed these friggin issu-  Oh fuck it.

You like electronic pop right? Of course you do maybe-of course-probably-hopefully-ok you don't. But let me tell you while its not DA BOMB by any means, it is quite a enjoyable listening experience and will get you in the mood for glowsticks, some over sized headphones, and some impromptu horrid dancing. 

Get it while its hot. Enjoy.

Million Knights: Vermillion OST

Guitar Shred/ Electronic

01Bloody Nightmare1:47
02Burnt Cross2:44
04Mad Temptation2:06
05Let's Rumble2:13
06Damaged Blade2:34
07Broken Blade2:05
08The Meaning of Life3:33
09Crimson Butterfly3:01
10Endless Sorrow3:28
11Cheerful Party2:51
12Forbidden Flowers2:37
13Desire -Character Select-0:48
14Tightrope -VS Matching-0:12
15Challenger Ver.A -Intrusion-0:09
16Challenger Ver.B -Intrusion-0:09
17Rest time -Option-1:39
18Stand up! -Continue-0:46
19Loser -Game Over-

Ah so was this blatant Guilty Gear ripoff any go--? I MEAN- *ahem*- Original Doujin Fighter any good?   EHHHHHH... UHHH...  ERRR....

I dropped the game after only 1 hour of playing it. so what does that tell you?

What I can tell you however is that the soundtrack is actually quite bitching though. From epic guitar driven tracks a-la Daisuke Ishiwari, to neat progressive mash-ups, and catchy as hell electronic arranges. This OST is pretty kicking... Sans some pretty bland tracks, but shoot you'll get over it.

Oh yeah I guess mintjam is also supposed to be a big deal in the doujin world so I'll get on the task of listening to more of there releases blah-blah-blah-blah share with you guys blah-blah-blah-blah spoonfeed you and tell you that they are the shittt *vomits everywhere*

Contrastic- Contrastic

Death Metal/Grindcore

1.War Laws?
2.Verchrottung Durch Arbeit
3.Sex with Four Walls
5.Chopin's Ulcerous Colic
6.The Letter
7.I Feel Dislike

8.Vocalic System from the Perspective of a Social Distinctivness
9.Unattractive "M"

Incapable of drawing within the lines? Damn it all to hell... really? Eh a'ight.

Here we have tasty some juicy czech death grind that is not afraid to experiment and or (at times) be flat out retarded. Not going to lower OR raise your IQ by any means but Slams and blasts pretty frickin good. Do yourself a favor bros and broettes, kill a evening with this record on.

These crazed bastards spent time in Four Seats For Invalides and Pigsty, which is pretty cool considering those too are badass musical acts. Contrastic being the most "fun" of this rampaging czech legion.

If you listen to pigsy or FSFI then this is most likely in your library, if not then this is a great album to get acquainted with the boys.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

IOSYS- Quality Underground

Uno-step/Denpa/ Electronic/ Touhou

01Quality Underground (Introduction)
02amorous attention
03Luna Dancing
04Love Story Beats
05fire away
06Bubbling Spark (Extended Edit)
07Sky is the Limit
08Ground Fancy (Extended Edit)
09Angel on the Bridge
10Feelings of Love
12c u again

Oh boy, oh boy talk about late to the party. This was released approximately a "fucking long ass time" ago wasn't it? Well I just started listening to it last week, and well,... damn not bad IOSYS. I was kinda expecting a full blown Wubstep album but that illusion was quickly shattered by the third song in. Needed more uno IMO, but actually it is a *gasp* consistent album (!!!). Not to mention it has that trademark IOSYS charm that will either bring a smile across your face or cause a person to attempt digesting glass.

A good collection of varied dance music, plus the typical iosys craziness.  Get yer fix.

Vokilloid Blogspot 2: Electric Jiggaloo

Alright so I think its about time to get this all started again. Like, for reals this time. Sorry about the last couple of failed reboots.

 Having all your files raped away by all that megaupload bullshit, and getting caught up in the speed of life kinda took away all motivation to start this all up again.

But you know what? Why the fuck not. I really enjoyed spreading the good word of the doujin, and metal scene. From the latest IOSYS album to the last Gorguts release, Vokilloid was a shit load of fun. So what the hell, lets have another go at it.